DaddyKnows #165 Back To School Sales

DaddyKnows #165

When I was a kid, I used to love Back To School shopping and going back to school. Somehow, that is not the case nowadays. What happened?!

DaddyKnows #163 Definitive Boy and Girl Differences

DaddyKnows #163

Having a boy and a girl sure makes you see definitive differences in the way each expresses themselves to others. Thing is, both do it with all their love and good intentions, but in different ways. The best part is when they work together!

DaddyKnows #161 Rewarding Help

DaddyKnows #161

Even when they make messes, helping Dad and a big bear hug at the end is enough payment to last until the next time they want to help out.

DaddyKnows #160: Teenagers

DaddyKnows 160

No matter how many years off it is, your children will become teenagers. Are you ready for it? Are THEY ready for it? Today is a good day to begin working on their hearts so when time comes, the teenage stage will run a bit more smoothly.

DaddyKnows #159 Balancing the Checkbook

DaddyKnows #159

We try and try, but the unexpected always comes our way. We have to make do, there’s no other option… but HOW DO WE DO IT?

DaddyKnows #158 Too Complicated

DaddyKnows #158

Is it just me or do girls come up with the craziest rules and regulations when playing? Sheesh! or maybe boys are too creative. I don’t know. Can never decide.


Today is’s Third anniversary, did you know? Thank you all for your support. It has been an awesome three years! So, Happy Fathers day to you and Happy Birthday to us!

Have a great one. God Bless!

DaddyKnows #157 This Changes Things!

DaddyKnows #157


Love always changes things.

DaddyKnows #156: Tolerance

DaddyKnows #156Seems like a good lesson can be spoiled really quick if the focus of the conversation goes astray.


DaddyKnows #155 The Snoring Problem

DaddyKnows #155Light sleep can be a real problem for the dental hygiene of your family.


DaddyKnows #154 Accomplices

DaddyKnows #154

How many times we think we’re doing something innocent with our kids, just to find out that we’re really breaking the law?, and as soon as the mom police shows up, we’re all in big trouble!

I dedicate this comic strip to my wife, who grounds me and keeps me focused. Love you, honey!