DaddyKnows #171 Archaic Method


DaddyKnows #171

So easy for kids to make you seem old, wouldn’t you agree?

DaddyKnows #170 Growing Up Pains

DaddyKnows #170 Growing Up PainsDifficult times always bring growth, if you let them. Have you Noticed?


DaddyKnows #169 Bad Idea

DaddyKnows #169 Bad Idea

We may have some great ideas to overcome bullies, but it may turn out that in reality it will give us more trouble if we pursue them (those ideas).

DaddyKnows #168 Split Day

DaddyKnows #168

Boy, grown-ups can sure be bullies sometimes. It’s a wonder, children aren’t bullied more than they are, considering how we get when we’re older. The examples they get from us! sheesh!

DaddyKnows #167 Dreams & Nightmares

DaddyKnows #167

Funny how the same event can be awesome for some, and awful for others…

DaddyKnows #166 Playing and Moving

DaddyKnows #166

For kids, Everything is a toy. But for parents, playtime, is not at every moment!


DaddyKnows #165 Back To School Sales

DaddyKnows #165

When I was a kid, I used to love Back To School shopping and going back to school. Somehow, that is not the case nowadays. What happened?!

DaddyKnows #163 Definitive Boy and Girl Differences

DaddyKnows #163

Having a boy and a girl sure makes you see definitive differences in the way each expresses themselves to others. Thing is, both do it with all their love and good intentions, but in different ways. The best part is when they work together!

DaddyKnows #161 Rewarding Help

DaddyKnows #161

Even when they make messes, helping Dad and a big bear hug at the end is enough payment to last until the next time they want to help out.

DaddyKnows #160: Teenagers

DaddyKnows 160

No matter how many years off it is, your children will become teenagers. Are you ready for it? Are THEY ready for it? Today is a good day to begin working on their hearts so when time comes, the teenage stage will run a bit more smoothly.