DaddyKnows #181 Ideal Job

DaddyKnows #181

I have a friend who’s always smiling. Doesn’t matter the day it is or the circumstances around him, he manages to smile. He makes jokes and lifts everyone’s spirit. Many people would consider not taking his job if it were offered to them, but Jay cleans his school with all his might. With all his love.

As you may expect, the kids notice. He has earned our respect.
Thanks, Jay, for being an example to all of us. I tip my hat.

God bless you!

DaddyKnows #180: Oh, Christmas Tree!

DaddyKnows #180

This sort of event, will make you check under the bed and lock the doors to prevent any monsters from reaching you during the night!

DaddyKnows #179 Bear Hair

DaddyKnows #179

Anything can become a toy. Especially when you need it the most.

DaddyKnows #178 Always Thankfull

DaddyKnows #178

The best words to come out of the mouth of our children might as well be: Thanks Mom, thanks, Dad. If they only knew we feel the same about them!

DaddyKnows #177 Exception to the Rule

DaddyKnows #177

Remember all those times in english class when the teacher told you: That’s the exception to the rule” well… learn to use that phrase wisely!

DaddyKnows #176: Check The Doors!

DaddyKnows #176

Why is it that when you are in your bed ready to fall asleep, stuff you had to do, pops up in your mind? Sheesh!

DaddyKnows #175 Studying Hard

DaddyKnows #175

What can a parent do, but support his child always?!

DaddyKnows #174 Star Trek!

DaddyKnows #174

As they grow, the possibilities of sharing common likes increase (or decrease for that matter)…

DaddyKnows #173 Learning How to Read

DaddyKnows #173

Happiness has a way of making our emotions show. And when our son’s or daughter’s progress is involved, it is certain that tears will flow!

DaddyKnows #172 Self Control

DaddyKnows #172

Something about that paper towel roll. If it falls on you, you just want to destroy it. Am I right?