DaddyKnows #188 Pushing Planets

Pushing Planets


There’s a lot of space everywhere else, but they want the one you’re occupying… Figures.



DaddyKnows #187 Funny Face

DaddyKnows #187Have you ever felt so serious that not even a funny thought comes to mind? Just look in the mirror! Thing is, making funny faces in front of a mirror can sure lighten things up. Have you tried this? I’m sure that’s what Sport meant.

DaddyKnows #186 The Price Paid

DaddyKnows #186

Parents protect their kids. Even from themselves. So far can we go, that we may sacrifice ourselves to give payment when they cannot pay for themselves. That is the love of a parent. Happy Easter, everyone!

DaddyKnows #185 Seriously?

DaddyKnows 185

Many days reminding you of something he wants to do, and when he gets it, he falls asleep… Sound familiar? The chase is more interesting than the reward, I think.

DaddyKnows #184 The New Gift

DaddyKnows #184

Be sure to check the weight limit on your child’s new toy. When this happens, it’s not a happy moment. Trust me…

DaddyKnows #183: Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns

I Confess, those Chinese lanterns look amazing when they’re flying on New Year’s eve, but if the flight is cut short and they come down, they might start a fire on your neighbour’s front lawn tree. If they reached full height, when they come down, they might land on top of a car on the freeway, blocking the driver’s view and causing an accident. It might land on the ocean or a river, where fish might confuse it with food and eat it to their deaths. Or it might come down on an unpopulated area and stay there as trash. Not to mention the problem it causes when a lot of them are in the sky at the same time and a helicopter/ambulance needs to fly by… None of the outcomes are good.

I don’t think I will be buying them again. How about you?


By the way, Happy New Year! Thanks for being a faithful reader this past year. We had loads of fun. Hope you did as well! Many blessings in this new Year.

DaddyKnows #182 Christmas Time

DaddyKnows #182

This is a first! I had the privilege of working alongside my buddy J.R. Morales for this DaddyKnows. He wrote, I drew. We had fun! Thanks, J.R.!

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? How come when all the decorations are taken down, we put our anger and toxicity back on? Have you noticed? I think we need to make sure the reason for the season remains in our hearts every day. See if we can keep the love pouring out throughout the year. I will certainly do my best to achieve this, God willing. Will you join me?

Happy Christmas time to you and your family. May it stretch thoughout your year. God Bless you!

DaddyKnows #181 Ideal Job

DaddyKnows #181

I have a friend who’s always smiling. Doesn’t matter the day it is or the circumstances around him, he manages to smile. He makes jokes and lifts everyone’s spirit. Many people would consider not taking his job if it were offered to them, but Jay cleans his school with all his might. With all his love.

As you may expect, the kids notice. He has earned our respect.
Thanks, Jay, for being an example to all of us. I tip my hat.

God bless you!

DaddyKnows #180: Oh, Christmas Tree!

DaddyKnows #180

This sort of event, will make you check under the bed and lock the doors to prevent any monsters from reaching you during the night!

DaddyKnows #179 Bear Hair

DaddyKnows #179

Anything can become a toy. Especially when you need it the most.