DaddyKnows #149 Understanding

DaddyKnows #149

Discipline can sure boggle the mind of any child. Sometimes it takes years for them to fully understand why parents do things a certain way. It sure took a long time for me to see some things differently!

DaddyKnows #148 Setting some Priorities

DaddyKnows #148
How many times have your children required your attention, and instead of giving it to them, you had to work? Maybe your job requires you to stay late every day, or perhaps you work at home but have so much in your hands that you barely see your kids even though they are right there with you in your home! Many things come in the way of spending quality time with your children, wouldn’t you agree?

But you know what, many of those responsibilities can wait a bit, so you can sit down and do a puzzle or ride bicycle with them. Like a friend used to say: “The work will still be there tomorrow.” But your kids will grow so fast, you won’t even notice, until it’s too late. So today, is the day you should set some priorities.

Do you agree?

DaddyKnows #147 Apology Accepted

DaddyKnows #147

Before we react, let’s make sure we listen to the whole story, ok?

DaddyKnows #146: My Turn

DaddyKnows #146

When these types of situations happen, who do you think was wrong? After analysing things, you might find that everyone was at fault in someway.

We still have a lot to learn and assimilate, don’t you agree?

DaddyKnows #145 Zombies

DaddyKnows #145

Sleepless children in the night can be a dangerous thing. Do you agree?

DaddyKnows #144 : Wrong Time

DaddyKnows #144

When no one else finds your choice in Movies and TV Shows likeable, the options are slim to none. You will probably end up trading sleep time for TV time. Just be sure to put your headphones on!

DaddyKnows #143 Me, Me, Me

DaddyKnows #143

Funny how this often happens. Just the fact that someone else has our stuff without permission, bothers the heck out of us to the point of explosion! True that they could’ve asked for permission, and that needs to be learned, but we could also learn to share, right? Oh, and children also go through this.

DaddyKnows #142: Not For Everyone

DaddyKnows #142

Yes. Although we may share some likes with our kids, some we do not. A shame. I know, but they are their own individuals, I guess. But rest easy, maybe in time, they’ll come to appreciate Star Trek, just as you! *sigh*

DaddyKnows #141 Up for the Task

DaddyKnows #141

Even tag teams seem not to work at times. We need to stay fresh and calm, otherwise any obstacle may destroy us! LOL.

DaddyKnows #140 The Senses

DaddyKnows #140

Studying is fun!