Jaden and the Mini Orbiter

UPDATE 12-12-12 As of an hour ago I received a message on this post from the company @BabyEinstein and I quote, 

Comments on Papaheroes Baby Einstein

“Great news! The Baby Einstein Company has located the Orbiter in our Baby Einstein archive warehouse and it’s shipping today to Jaden’s Mom. Merry Christmas.”

We want to Thank All of the People who came in to read the post, share their ideas, and forwarded Jaden’s Christmas Wish to everyone all over the world! Merry Christmas Everyone! 

Update 12-12-2012: The search for the toy STILL continues. If you look at the video below (look at minute 17:06) and the picture above, the Mini Orbiter is Upright on a Stand. If you go to the Facebook page, there is somewhat of a better picture of the Mini Orbiter. 

Update 12-11-2012 : Jaden and his parents have now opened up a Facebook Like Page. Please consider sharing the page with your friends and family members.  You can see pictures of Jaden and friends! You can also see a video of the Mini Orbiter in the post below. 

This is a post from an acquaintance from my hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

This was posted on Facebook and was asked to be shared. Leticia is looking for a specific toy that has been discontinued for her son Jaden who has Autism and Dwarfism. Please take the time to read her Christmas Wish as this Mini-Orbiter toy was what Jaden asked Santa  for Christmas. Lets hope that someone somewhere has a used one that can be sent to him before Christmas. You can contact Leticia through this blog if you happen to have the toy! Regards, Lucy


About Jaden

My son Jaden has both autism and dwarfism…in a nut shell he has had it rough since birth.

During the first years of his life he was not able to really speak, faced several serious surgeries and certainly never requested any presents. It just seemed that no toy was of interest to him. However, he is always so happy.
Every birthday and Christmas we have asked for his wish, with no response. We would just try to get him things that were age appropriate and hope he would play and enjoy them.

Jaden’s First Full Sentence

This past month he has been learning to talk about Christmas and what it means at his special school and one morning he woke me up at 5:00 a.m. and in a full sentence, which has never been possible for him, said “ Mommy, I want to go to the mall to see Santa to ask for planets that spin from Baby Mozart.” I was in shock and my husband and I have been relentlessly trying to find this for him. He loves to read about rockets and the solar system, so I was shocked that he would remember this specific toy from a video that he has not seen in years.

Mini Orbiter


Due to his autism he has a phenomenal memory and now that he is finally speaking at 7 years old this is the one thing he asks for by name.

Although I have tried the manufacturer, Rabbit Tanaka Corp of Texas and the Baby Einstein company they are not able to help as the mold to re-run the toy have been destroyed. At this point I am just trying to find a person with a used one who would be willing to sell it.I have tried to find a new or used Mini-Orbiter on all sites. I have even shown him other types of solar systems but he says “no, that’s not it, I need the one from Baby Einstein.”

This past Sunday we took Jaden to meet Santa and he actually spoke to him and made this request in person. I don’t want to see disappointment in his face if he does not receive this even though we know that may be the case.I have a photo of the mini-orbiter we are looking for.Whatever you are able to do to help me locate this item so that I may purchase it for my son would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

The more people I can reach who might have this, the better his odds are of having his Christmas wish come true.



Photo Credit by Leticia Crespo 


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  • Nbarahona1969

    I found this on line. hope it will work out for you. good luck. Mini Orbiter by Rabbit Tanaka 817-263-0909

    • lucymfel

      Thanks for sharing the phone number. The mom, Leticia, has called the company and at this point they are looking for one that has been used. The company discontinued the toy and the mold to make the toy is no longer available.

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  • Shi726

    Have u asked if someone can fabricate it possibly a toy maker to make it as close as possible? I too understand as my son is autistic and I have been looking for this toy for jaden and want so bad for him to have it!!!!! Imma keep looking

    • lucymfel

      Thanks for commenting and for your idea. I have sent this suggestion to Leticia. In my own search I saw people posting information for this particular toy on Jaden’s behalf on toy sites, Ebay etc. Thanks for continuing to search for this toy.

    • lucymfel

      According to mom on Facebook, “We have ordered 5 different solar system sets etc and my husband and a friend are trying to build it look like it as a back up plan.”

  • toni

    Did you try posting a seeking ad on craigslist? It is free and thousands and thousands of people use that site. Might be worth a try.

    • lucymfel

      This is what they posted on facebook regarding Craig’s List “We have had people searching ebay, craigslist, and posting to online tag sales and consignment shops. At this point we are asking people to look around their homes for it and we will pay for it and shipping costs.” I can double check to see if there is an ad on Craig’s list. If not, I will create one for them.

    • lucymfel

      They did post an ad on Craig’s List. Just found one.

  • Kay

    Post this on reddit! They find everything on there!!

    • lucymfel

      Good Idea! I was going to do that yesterday but my daughter side-tracked me. Thanks again.

  • http://bellavidabyletty.blogspot.com/ BellaVida


    • lucymfel

      Que Felicidad!

  • http://ricklipsett.com Rick Lipsett

    The Baby Einstein Company has just made my day as well. Awesome gesture! God bless!

    • lucymfel

      We were over the moon when we read the email!

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