Baby Chicks for my little Chicky

Here is a craft I did with our fifteen month old daughter with four sheets of legal sized white paper, @Crayola Washable FingerPaints, scissors, left-over tissue paper from our Tots Art Start kit, and tape. I wanted her to make a little gift for her Great-Grandmother Lydia since she celebrates Easter.


The Egg-spiration

I could have opted to do something that did not involve paint, but I just did not have the time to go and get the material for this particular activity which I saw on No Time for Flash Cards‘ site. So I thought that I could still do an egg and remembered that when my mother would do crafts with her students, they would have the students color a cracked egg, cut it in half, and show a baby chick being born.

I drew free hand the shape of an egg with sharp edges to make it looked cracked, I folded the paper, and cut the egg shape out. For the baby chicks head, I used a coaster or anything round. The white paper length I used was legal size we had around the house. If you have older kids they can trace and cut out their own eggs. But with my little one, I did all the cutting and taping together.

This is the egg shaped pattern.


Artist at Work

Squirting @Crayola Washable FingerPaint


I took off my daughter’s clothes and squirted three different colors on the paper and she began to paint. We have used these paints before and it has come out of her clothing. I did this two times using another set of colors. For the baby chick heads, I used one sheet of paper and just put yellow paint on it. I turned the paper around so she could cover as much white and I could cut out two heads. We don’t have a crafts table for her and I prefer getting down on the floor with her to make it fun.


Daniela and I in our office FingerPainting


The Waiting Game

Once all three sheets were covered with paint, and the floor, and my daughter, and myself, I cleaned up and left the sheets to dry. I put off assembly till the next day to ensure that the paper was completely dry.

Air drying the sheets of paper on a table where baby can't grab them

Our Final Product

I cut the egg patterns and heads out. For the baby chick’s eye and beak, I cut out two orange triangles and two blue circles from tissue paper. I taped two ends of the eggs together, taped the head, beaks, and eyes. I could have used those clips that make the egg open and close, but I did not have those handy, so I opted for tape.

Two Baby Chicks


I know my daughter loved doing this project because once we had finished one sheet, she was pointing to the @Crayola paint tubes and saying, lets do it again.

Cruel-Free Easter

We see so many people selling and buying animals such as rabbits and baby chicks to their children on the island for the Easter holiday and they tend to forget that these are not toys. These are animals that need to be taken care of and fed. I know this craft goes in line with our beliefs about not harming or adopting animals and being careless with them.

Hanging up our final product


What type of crafts will you be doing with your children over the long weekend?

Thanks to Dad @RJ_C for taking our pictures. 


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