Meet Gustavo of the Papá Heroes Sidekicks

Gustavo Franceschini | Founding Writer


The iOS Post Tecnetico

Favorite Super Hero

Iron Man

Super Hero Weakness

Angry Birds on an iPhone


Favorite Quote

“ I only know that I don’t know anything’



After fighting my way through college alongside The Avengers, finally ended as a Bruce Banner scientist. Worked myself in the tech industry starting as a blogger in 2009. Started with a blog that was called iTavo Blog which helped my friends like a true hero, with everything that had to do with Apple products.

In 2010 iTavo Blog went to the recombination chamber and came out as The iOS post. Shortly after I joined the ranks of Tecnetico to champion the technology media with the best of my super powers.

Now I joined Papa Heroes as a sidekick to contribute with all my super powers and also to learn how to become a true Papa Heroe!


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