Runnur around Puerto Rico


Runnur Around the Organic Market in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Some of the perks that Raul @RJ_C gets when he travels to conferences such as #SXSWi is that when he comes back, he tells me about all the neat things he has seen and his interaction with different people. This year he came home with something called a Runnur {Affiliate Link}. We both have an issue with stuffing things into pockets and not being able to find the important things like debit cards or keys if we have to go out of the house. He bought one for himself and was given one for me to test by the company.

The Bottomless Pit

I would show you a picture of my purse, but the camera might get lost in it with all the unneccessary items I’ve placed inside. So when Raul told me he bought me a Runnur, I was like okay cool (I had no idea what he was talking about.) All I knew was that it was one more thing I had to carry besides my purse, the baby, and her bag.

I am a short, petite, woman and I like small purses. But with a baby I found out that it was impossible to carry a small purse. So I carry a medium sized purse, the baby bag, and baby all on the same shoulder when we go out. If I am standing in line somewhere, I have to dig in my purse to get the credit cards and that could be a nightmare. Yes we have a a stroller and everything gets dumped underneath.

Runnur-around town

I tried the Runnur on for the first time, filled it with my important items such as health insurance cards, money, phone, gloss, pen, extra phone batteries, keys, and the baby’s water bottle. We went out and about and it really is a time saver when I have to get my money or debit card. It provides organization of my important items which is key when we travel about the island.

We have gone to the organic market, shopping, and even to the country side with the runnur. I put it around my body and it fits perfect. I don’t have to worry about putting my purse down and forgetting it somewhere. I have everything wrapped around my body and not hanging on my shoulder. We added an extra carabiner to the top so we can hang it in our closet. I know where it is all times and we just grab it and go.

My Recommendation

If you want something that is light weight, that you can wrap around your body, and keep your important things organized (okay maybe lipgloss is not a top priority for you) then this might be a solution for you. This is great for any parent who loves to hike, bike, and walk with the family anywhere.

You can get your Runnur here or follow them on Facebook.

(Disclosure: Runnur sent the mini back pack for  me to try and write a product review. Although the product was complimentary, I don’t feel that has influenced my opinion about the product or writing of this post in any way. )

Thanks to @RJ_C for taking the picture of Daniela and I at the Organic Market to celebrate Earth Day in Puerto Rico.

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