Setting Up Your Child’s Room for Success

Guest post from one of our friends and parent heroes “Candace Vorhaus”

Recently a teacher friend asked me about the best ways to set up her child’s room to enhance success in school.  I thought about my own children’s rooms and the important role their bedroom plays in their growth, development, success and happiness in school.  So, I asked her to consider four C3D Feng Shui aspects of her child’s room: the color, clutter, ch’i (life force energy), and design elements.


The colors chosen for your child’s room can profoundly affect their IQ and intelligence according to a study by the State of California (  Blacks, whites and grays can adversely affect a child’s IQ, making them feel dull, while a sunny yellow can stimulate and awaken the mind.  An overactive child will do well in a room with calming light blues and aqua’s while accents of bright reds and oranges can stimulate their minds and actually raise their IQ.  Chocolate brown colors will leave children feeling warm, cozy and loved.


The constant clutter that plagues most children’s rooms can be distracting and block their forward progress.  Set up area’s in your child’s room where they can easily store their toys when they are finished playing.  Model how you want your children to keep their room by keeping your own room neat.  When things get really out of hand, make cleaning up and organizing a joint venture.  Kids tend to get overwhelmed quickly and give up when it comes to organizing their things.  Set a time each week for kids to clean their room.  For example say, “You need to pick up these toys before dinner.” Or, “Put away your clothes before you go to play on Saturday mornings.”


Keep the ch’i (life force energy) high in their rooms to keep them feeling uplifted and happy.  You can do this by bringing in a green plant or two.  Nature energy is very uplifting and the green plants will give off healthy oxygen.  Also, have fun, colorful art on their walls.  Avoid violent or scary images that can be found in posters of movies and video games.  That will really lower their ch’i and can make them feel angry or anxious.

Design your child’s room layout so their bed is in the commanding position.  That is, the bed is placed against the wall opposite the door, but not inline with the door.  Sleep is more peaceful because energetically they’re in command of their space.  If the bed can’t be moved, another option is strategically placing a mirror so your child can see the door opening from their bed.

Most importantly, create a world for your child that is different from the rest of the house, where children can go to lose themselves in study, constructive play, or contemplation.

For more C3D Feng Shui information and a complimentary Feng Shui Ba Gua, head over to Candace’s website:

More on Candance

Candace Vorhaus is a leading Feng Shui expert, spiritual coach, and classically trained interior designer.  Candace is the founder of C3D Feng Shui, which compassionately incorporates Color, Clutter management, Ch’i (life force energy), and Design into every project, both domestically and abroad.  Candace believes focusing on the C3D of your personal space is the missing link to lifelong fulfillment and achieving your highest potential. 

            With over 20 years of design and Feng Shui experience, along with direct teachings from the founder and leader of BTB Feng Shui, the late Feng Shui Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun, Candace is a professional colorist and widely recognized as a leading Feng Shui authority in the West.

            Candace grew up in Garden City, New York, and after receiving her BA in English Literature from Gettysburg College; she received an A.S. in Interior Design from the Parson’s School of Design, in New York City.  Candace also trained extensively at the Musée des Arts Décoratif at the Louvre in Paris, France.

             Upon completing her interior design studies, Candace trained under celebrated interior designer, Juan Montoya, before launching her own successful interior design business, Candace Connors Interior Design, where she was featured in Better Homes and Gardens, among other publications.

Candace also spent an intensive seven years of spiritual training and transformation under the private tutelage of world-renowned spiritual coach and mystic, Glorynn Ross, and Barbara Brennan School of Healing practitioner, Irene Rebecca Bodendorf.

A member of the International Association of Women in Business Coaching, Candace is married to Robbie Vorhaus, a communications strategist, and lives in Sag Harbor, New York, with their two children, and very cute dog, Ollie.  


Mom to a three year old girl who loves Legos, Spiderman, Batman, and Peppa Pig. Co-founder of Papá Heroes and Head Creative over at Limonade Inc.

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