Angry Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop

Some tough love for a teen posting a very disrespectful message on Facebook.

If you watch the  following video you can clearly understand why this North Carolina Dad is so angry and disappointed in his daughter.

He proceeds with reading the post she made on Facebook after she had been grounded for quite some time.

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 I guess I have mixed feelings on his unorthodox approach. He clearly got his message through and he most know his daughter better than us.

Personally I can relate to him since I also have an IT Background and can’t imagine if that situation happens to me.

But if he was in IT I would have wiped the Hard-drive clean and donated the laptop to maybe another person who really needed one.

On the other side I am not a fan of weapons since I came out of  the military I already shared my experience in my blog on what happened last time I went to the firing range.

It is great that he got his message through.

So what was your initial reaction after watching the video?

What other Non-Violent ways could he have gotten his message through?

Would you approve of using a weapon to destroy a laptop?

What consequences would you have given your kid if you had the same issue?

We found this video thanks to Efrain Nieves from Pa’Lante Latino.

Raúl Colón

As a kid watching el Chapulin Colorado I was always trying to answer the call of “Quien Podra Defenderme” (who could help me now). Reading a mix of X-men comics where I admired Wolverine but wanted the world to be more like Archie and Jughead’s I have always been in constant search of helping those in need.

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  • Edna Lucila Velez

    He is my hero. We need more papas like him. There are too many disrespectful teens. I don’t have a problem with guns. People kill people not guns. I think the way he handle the situation was brilliant. Violent? Why? Because he used a gun? Give me a break. I see more violence in cartoons than that.

    • Raul Colon

      Well people are violent and with a gun in the equation it can bring tragedy.

      I have mixed feelings but looking at it from another standpoint I am also not a fan of Cartoons that condone violence.

      But thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Not sure why you asked for a break?

  • BellaVida

    Punishing the daughter by taking away the laptop was an appropriate punishment. I would’ve donated it to a woman’s shelter. But intimidation with a deadly weapon is psychotic.

    • Raul Colon


      Great idea giving it out to Charity…

      I have to agree taking it away and making her buy her own is sending a strong message. Still have mixed feeling on his approach!

  • Dad Vs. Spawn

    Not a hero, just some guy without enough patience or understanding to actually talk to his daughter. Even more, some hick who was looking for an excuse to use his big bad gun on the internet, and his lousy parenting gave him just that excuse.

    • Raul Colon

      I think conversation is the best way to approach things. Thanks for your comment.

    • Raul Colon

      I think conversation is the best way to approach things. Thanks for your comment.

  • Anonymous

    Only this dad knows what makes his daughter react and wake up to the actions she is displaying in her home. Maybe he thought this would work and only he will know what the outcome will be.

    • DebiR

      I agree, we are only spectators from the outside, we have not had to live with his daughter, nor him, and it is arrogant of us to think we can judge his actions based on an 8 minute video. He has 15+ years of history with his daughter. I don’t think he was impatient as others have posted because he did read the post his daughter put on Facebook. As a parent, if my kids said that, they would be grounded until after college. When we, as parents, let our kids get away with such disrespect, it sets our children up for failure in the future. If a child can not respect his/her parents (assuming the parent is not abusive physically, verbally or emotionally), how can we expect children to respect anyone else on the planet? Respect for others is VITAL to the survival of our civilization on the planet. Do I agree with the shooting of the laptop? Well, I would have probably had my kid watch me scrub the hard drive, then I would have taken my child to the local women’s shelter and I would have HER donate the laptop to the women’s shelter and explain why she was donating it. THEN, I would make her volunteer at the women’s shelter for no less than 1 year. There is no other way to teach our children how fortunate they are than to have them volunteer to help people that are less fortunate. This can be a women’s shelter, an animal shelter, a children’s home, etc. I have seen teenagers come back from mission trips to other countries with an entirely different attitude than when they left. It is amazing what happens when a child is taken out of their comfort zone and shown what really goes on in the world for those less fortunate. God bless you

  • Ryan

    You really have to look at this guy who wants to make videos about defending himself against his daughter. His arrogant perspective? “You will never again refer to her as the cleaning lady” – This guy is clearly operating from a bad position.

    One day, parents will learn that treating kids like their parents did, in the “olden days,” is a thing of the past. Human beings don’t respond to this kind of authority.

    Why hasn’t the kid looked for a job? This guy isn’t taking into consideration the way he raised his daughter. He isn’t looking at the psychological effects his behavior has had on her. You can’t look at a kid, doing things you don’t want them to do, and automatically assume it’s their fault.

    Just because you’re a parent, and you’re older, doesn’t mean you’re right. Now, you’re on national internet, belittling your daughter.

    And now, you’ll punish her. Because that’s all you know how to do, when communicating, and getting on her level, and starting to understand the brain, and psychology, is the real answer.

    But it’s ok – the “boot up your kids ass” generation is fading quick. Their ideology is based on arrogance, and the idea that somehow your age makes you right about everything.

    You can’t be older, and be an ass, and then say “it’s ok that I’m an ass, because I’m older. And if your behavior is in some way, not normal, as an indirect reaction to that through the process of conditioning, you’re a bad child.”

    A simple case of parents not understanding their kids brains, or their own for that matter.

    PS – Deal sealer – You shot your daughters laptop? OK, you’ve already lost.

    • Raul Colon


      I really appreciate your perspective on the subject. What is great is that it is coming from a Combat Veteran who understands how dangerous a weapon can be if used for the wrong reasons.

      Thank you for your comments and I think after reading this comment I no longer have mixed feelings I completely agree with you.

  • Julio M. Rivera